Communicate. Collaborate. Coordinate.

Improving collaboration for Vanderlande and its acquired companies.


1° Designed a collaboration system and toolkit for Vanderlande, a Dutch logistic solutions provider.
2° Conducted in-depth user research in the project.
3° Graded 9,0 for design strategy project, a TU Delft course.


It was a course assignment in design strategy project, a TU Delft course, with Sophie Krah, Tea Todorovic and Yun-Jung Tsai. I assisted the research process and was responsible for product design.

About Lavoro

The benefits of design are shown below:

A standard communication flow

Takes away ambiguity, improves working efficiency, and makes everyone has the same expectations.

Sharing project information

Improves documentation, makes scaling up easier, and creates effectiveness of knowledge transfer.

Trusting each other

Nurtures the collaboration, excelling in the things they are good at, improves working efficiency, and makes employees able to share insights and concerns.


To formulate a problem, an extensive analysis was done as foundation and argumentation on for our concept. This analysis consisted out of several interviews with people from a required company and people from Vanderlande. Also a co-creation session was done to map the current collaboration between the people from both companies.

The booklet used in co-creation session


During the project, the analysis that has been done showed several problems within the collaboration between Vanderlande and its acquired supplier Smatec. These problems together can be defined as follow:

Complexity of IT landscape

The different systems of Vaderlande can cause confusion. Furthermore, the current systems are macro orientated while a micro environment is needed.

Difficulties of sharing progress information

Documenting is not done right which makes it harder for (new) employees to find the information they need for their projects.

Different expectations between mother & acquired companies

The big difference in scale within the divisions (Smatec and Vanderlande), causes different expectations and leads to negative influence of trust.

IT landscape of Vanderlande


The Lavoro consists out of two different elements. The first element is the Lavoro online system, the second element is the Lavoro discussion tool. Both elements complement each other and will be distributed at the same time. With Lavoro, the acquired company and Vanderlande have the opportunity to improve their collaboration and communication.

Lavoro discussion tool

The Lavoro Discussion Tool is a creative package that helps in building trust between Vanderlande and the acquired company. It also maps the different values and strengths of both companies and serves as a discussion tool to improve the collaboration on personal level.

Lavoro system

The Lavoro system, is a software system that focuses on online collaboration. It will help in documenting the process and give an overview on project scale instead of company scale. Documentation needs to be done throughout the en re project in order to complete the milestones. The system is a micro environment within a macro surrounding. It will also be a bridge between the different systems Vanderlande already uses. The system has a clean and easy to understand layout and it will give added value to the current so ware solutions.

Keep in touch with team members

The system helps users to understand the structure of the team and to understand the strengths of each team member.

Integrate information

All project information is stored in the system which combines progress information from different platforms.

Update and monitor easier

To make documentation easier, the system has been designed in such a way that you have to upload documentation in order to complete the milestone instead of having to document everything at once.

The page of team member

User test

We apply iterative work method in the project. There are five testing phases from the wireframe to the interactive prototype.


Future design process

All the different touch points between Vanderlande and SmaTec are mapped to create a clear overview of the ideal situation.

Value Proposition

The value of Lavoro has been mapped, using the method of a value proposition canvas where we take into account customer needs.


The one-year plan to implement Lavoro and make it a success, is shown in a roadmap.