A new community for hardcore gamers.

Play4fun is a new community and agency for the game industry. They are thinking their new identity and website.


1° Delivering an identity system for the new brand.
2° Designing a GUI specialized in comment and vote for gamers.


I made this project as a freelance designer and was responsible for all of design works.


An identity design for hardcore gamer

The founding team is the fans of war-related games. They want to attract the audience with similar interest.

A website with high information density.

The website is news-based media. Therefore, the effective design of news display and filter are helpful for user experience.

Identity design

The aggressive lines are the major elements for the logo. It expresses the fast, direct and masculine image of the brand. Icon, Mandarin and English characters use the same elements to keep consistency of the identity.

Color plan

After comparing color plan with other similar brands, a special red, Persimmon, is chosen as the primary color. It gives a slight differentiation and similarity among the game platforms.


In order to help communicate with the client, the wireframe and treemap were used. Both of them complement each other and be discussed in the same time.

GUI design

As color plan, the website uses the vivid color to guide through the major sections of the website.

The website emphasizes the images of the games, which are the main character of the website. The super large images is used in desktop environment and small images help user to fell the scenario of the subject easier.

Filter and interaction

Since there are many layers of information for each game news, the filter design for different environment is improved. User can choose the news of different platforms or consoles and genre of the game intuitively.

The essence of community lies in the interactions. A better ways of vote and comment are the important topic of the design.


The company used the logo as their company identity.

After the project, I also helped it to design their landing page of the company. For now, the company page was released.

Play4fun company page