Building the communication strategy for A.I. design project.

As a frontier of A.I. and design domain, I created a communication strategy between designers and developers.


1° Creating a physical and visual communication material for my Honour Programme Project.
2° An eye-catching animation to introduce my project to UX designers.


Little Robot with Love

Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) will be a capable and helpful collaborator with people in the office environment. To achieve it, we need to build the mutual understanding between A.I. and people with help from strategic designers. From A.I. side, strategic designers use design methodology to make the algorithm to understand , think and express in humane way. Also, we need to train people to treat A.I. as a team member. By this way, we can create a ‘Robot with love’.

Step 1: Write the script

For many people, the first impression of A.I. or robot is cold and sleek. To make differences, I aimed to create a friendly image to encourage designers to read more about the topic. Therefore, I only left the sentences that matter designers more and eliminated the facts and problems.

Step 2: Build the scenes

In the first version of my story board, I used more non-continuous scenes. However, after finishing the first animation draft, I found the animation looked like slides instead of an animation. Therefore, I started to focus on how to create a smoother transition between each pair of scenes.

Step 3: Create the micro movements

To make the characters more humane, I built an simple skeleton for them. I could easily create the movements, like speaking or hand shacking, by using it. The simple skeleton was so easy and useful that makes my animation become vivid and better. Since I found many animations made by our fellow students were lacking these kinds of movements, maybe the lecturer could emphasise it in the workshops.